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Footloose - Where did Ren move from?
Hocus Pocus- What does Winnie mistake the kitchen for at 'the devil's' house?
Toy Story - What does Andy get at the very end of the movie?
Scream - What's Gale's camera man's name?
Fight Club - What is the last line in the movie?
Titanic - What is Rose's fiance's name?
Clueless - Finish the quote: ' does not say______ on the statue of liberty!'
Paranormal Activity - What is Katie's boyfriend's name?
The Lion King - Name the hyena voiced by Whoopi Goldberg?
The Lion King - Name the hyena voiced by Cheech Marin?
The Lion King - Name the hyena voiced by Jim Cummings?
Silence of the Lambs - How did Miggs die?
Beauty and the Beast - How old is the beast at the end of the movie?
Cruel Intentions - What title does Cecile give Sebastian's diary?
The Village - Who leaves the town in search of medicine?
American Beauty - Whose father kills Jane's father?
A Nightmare on Elm Street - What now famous actor had his movie debut in the original Nightmare on Elm Street?
10 Things I Hate About You - According to Bianca, where can you be 'whelmed'?
A Nightmare Before Christmas - What is Jack's dog's name?

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