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Can you name the movies mentioned in the Wikipedia article 'Cinema of the United States'?

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1941Orson Welles
1939Victor Fleming
1977George Lucas
1997James Cameron
2009James Cameron
1910D. W. Griffith
1915D. W. Griffith
1927Alan Crosland
1931Tod Browning
1944Howard Hawks
1937David Hand et al.
1939Victor Fleming et al.
1939John Ford
1939Frank Capra
1939William Wyler
1939Howard Hawks
1939Ernst Lubitsch
1939Mitchell Leisen
1942Michael Curtiz
1946Frank Capra
1934Frank Capra
1933Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack
1935Frank Lloyd
1931Charlie Chaplin
1948Howard Hawks, Arthur Rosson
1935Mark Sandrich
1955Nicholas Ray
1960Alfred Hitchcock
1967Arthur Penn
1969Dennis Hopper
1973William Friedkin
1975Steven Spielberg
1979Francis Ford Coppola
1982Francis Ford Coppola
1980Michael Cimino
1995Paul Verhoeven
1982Don Bluth
1994Frank Darabont
1989Spike Lee
1989Steven Soderbergh
1994Kevin Smith
1992Quentin Tarantino
2000Ang Lee
2002Zhang Yimou
2004Morgan Spurlock
2005Luc Jacquet
2002Michael Moore
2004Michael Moore

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