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Can you name the words missing from these quotes from Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog?

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QuoteMissing Word
The world is a mess and I just need to _____ it.
With my _____ I will stop the world.
He rides across the nation, the _____ of sin.
I’m _____. It’s very important or I would stop.
Yes, Captain Hammer's here, hair blowing in the breeze. The day needs my _____ expertise.
Any _____ with half a brain can see that human kind has gone insane
You're kidding! What a crazy, random _____.
You’re driving a _____ into your leg.
This my friends, is my Freeze-Ray which, with the addition of the _____ I obtained at my famously successful heist last week.
So, as of tonight I am in the Evil League of Evil if all goes according to plan; which it will because I hold a Ph.D. in _____.
Captain Hammer threw a _____ at my head.
There will be blood, it might be yours. So, go _____ someone. Signed: Bad Horse.
You’ve got more than enough evil hours to get into the _____'s Union.
QuoteMissing Word
Goodness. Look at my _____. I gotta go.
Apparently the only signature he needed was my _____.
The hammer is my _____.
It's a brand new day and the sun is high. All the bird's are singing that you're gonna _____.
She may cry, but her tears will dry when I hand her the keys to a shiny new _____.
It’s a good day to be _____.
They say it's better the second time. They say you get to do the _____ stuff.
There she is. Cute huh? Sort of a quiet, _____ thing. Not my usual, but nice.
It may not feel too classy, begging just to eat. But you know who does that? _____. And she always gets a treat.
Everyone's a hero in their own way. You, and you, and mostly _____, and you.
Get a pic, do a _____, heroes are over with.
And I won't feel... a ______.

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