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What do you want?
I'm here to save your butts. Next time, show a little gratitude.
The past tempts us, the present confuses us, and the future frightens us.
No greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for his brother.
There is always choice. We say there is no choice only to comfort ourselves with the decision we have already made.
In the long, twilight struggle, which lies ahead of us, there is the possibility of hope.
This is wrong tool.
The sky should be lighting up any time now. I imagine .. it will be .. quite beautiful.
It is not my place to speculate on how anything gets into your bed.
You have a proud heritage, Delenn of Mir. Prouder than you know.
Do not try the patience of wizards for they are subtle and quick to anger.
We will, at last, know peace in our time.
Give us a homeworld of our own and you will never hear of us again. Fail to do so and all your secrets will be revealed.
I carry my sword in my hand. You carry yours in your heart and in your mind.
The real comedy all happens in the senate.
You know, if this keeps up, I'm gonna start thinking that people around here .. just don't like me.
Nobody takes power. They're given power by the rest of us, because we are stupid or afraid or both.
A man who won't stand up for his own principles is not really a man at all.
What are a few million lives compared to the glory of becoming a living god?
The Psi Corps is dedicated to one thing, Commander: control.
The Vorlons are like your parents, I suppose. They want you to play nice, clean your room, do it by the rules.
It's a calm, pleasant environment. I don't think I have ever seen anyone get upset here.
You have an uncommon failing for someone in your position, Captain. You are a patriot.
I'm thinking .. pastels!
Half of Earth Force wants to give you a kiss on the cheek and the medal of honor. The other half wants you taken out and shot.
A father should give his daughter love as well as respect, and in that I failed you.
Drunk again, Uncle Mike?
These are uncivilized times.
Lyta had a little Vorlon. Her skin was pale as snow. And everywhere that Lyta went, her Vorlon was sure to go.
Pain technicians - they used to be called torturers, ever since they got organized it's 'pain technicians'.
Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams.
The third principle of sentient life is the capacity for self-sacrifice.
Congratulations, citizen G'Kar. You are now a religious icon.
It's wrong for the strong to prey on the weak. That idea was the very heart of the Round Table.
Minbari: jealous, selfish, private. We have saved only a few.
We are two against a world gone mad.
We took care of the Dilgar. We can take care of the Minbari.
I see a great hand reaching out of the stars.
If information is power, then telepaths represent the greatest threat to freedom we've ever seen.
So what are you going to do, Mollari? Blow up the island?
We seem to be missing a piece of the station.
One of these days, Garibaldi, you are gonna learn to watch your back.
Who decides that the workday is from 9 to 5, instead of 11 to 4? Who decides that the hemlines will be below the knee this year and short again next year?
You will fall upon one another like wolves. It'll make what we did pale by comparison.
You are a piece of the machine that thinks it is the whole of the machine.
You seriously expect me to become involved in your sexual olympics?
You are the one who was. You are the one who is. You are the one who will be.
The truth is fluid, the truth is subjective.
Perhaps there was some small wisdom in letting your species survive.
There is a hole .. in your mind.

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