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Who is the main character?
What does Ted want in life?
When does Ted meet Marshall?
Who does Ted meet in the first episode?
Who does Ted meet at a wedding?
Who does Ted get engaged to?
What state does Ted hate?
What is Ted's job?
What state is Ted from?
Who plays Ted
What is Marshall's last name?
What state is Marshall from?
Who is Marshall's spouse?
What was Marshall fixing when he met Lily?
Who won the to slap in slap bet Marshall or Barney?
What is Marshall's Job?
Who dies in Marshall's family?
What Is Marshall's limit on cigarettes before he gets crazy?
How many siblings does Marshall have?
Who plays Marshall?
What is Robin's Last name?
What country is Robin from?
When Robin was a teen pop star, what was her name?
What was Robin Sparkels' first hit called?
How many dogs did Robin have?
What is Robin's job in the earlier episodes?
How many siblings does Robin have?
What special guest star plays Robin's sibling?
Where did Robin meet Ted?
Who plays Robin?
What is Barney's last name?
Who was the first person to walk and stay in Barney's apartment.
Where does Barney work?
What is Barney's book named?
What special guest star plays Barney's brother?
Who does Barney meet first?
What does Barney enjoy playing?
Whats Barney's catch phrase?
When is the only place Barney doesn't where suits in the show
Who plays Barney?
Where does Lily meet Marshall?
What state is Lily from?
What is Lily's job in the earlier episodes?
What was Lily's job in the later episodes?
When Lily and Marshall broke up where did she go?
What is Lily's last name?
In season 2 what color did Lily dye her hair?
Who was Lily's high school boyfriend that still loves her?
What is Lily's nickname from Marshall?
Who plays Lily?

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