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a list of questions used in research
to make uncomfortable and shameful
the state of the atmosphere in terms of temperature, wind, clouds, etc.
ranked between 11 and 13
decorative pillar, not a row
punishment, a branch of learning, or activity to develop a skill
not native but from another country
an establishment where meals are served to customers
to have confidence in the truth or existence of
a cocktail with rum, lemon juice and sugar, usually flavoured with strawberry or banana
care or upkeep
communications connection between people, a term often used in armed forces
not very often
persistence in a course of action
strange, bizarre
producing speech, including articulation, stress and intonation
1000 years
a ranking of things, government by an elite group
a table with the days of each month
noncommissioned army officer above corporal, leader of Lonely Hearts Club Band
bracelets, necklaces, rings
a graveyard
to come into possession or ownership of, to get
proof of purchase
autonomous, free, not influenced by others
a plan of procedure, a timetable
intensely hot, easily angered and provoked
making a decision or forming an opinion
a person who doesn't believe in a supreme being
not passed out, awake
an empty space or void, a machine you use to clean
the pattern of regular beats

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