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QUIZ: Can you name the storyline of Banjo-Tooie?

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Forced Order
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First, this witch attacked Banjo's house after being under a rock for 2 years.
All of the characters escaped the house except for...
...Who then died, leaving this person to teach Banjo moves in this game.
Banjo and Kazooie then pass through Jinjo Village and meet the king... (name him)
They leave, while Grunty zombifies the king, and if you return, he will talk about...
B&K move on to the Wooded Hollow, which is home to the Great...
He then unlocks the first level, called...
... The boss of which is the Mayan God of Target Shooting,...
After they finish THAT level, they move on to Glitter Gulch Mine, where Humba Wumba strangely turns them into a...
And they see a train guarded by Old King Coal, the not so merry old soul. Can you name this train?
Quickly after leaving the mine, they are greeted by the Pine Grove, where Humba Wumba can turn Kazooie into a...
If you give her a...
Which you get by unlocking the door with the...
...Anyway, back to the story. Jiggywiggy unlocks the gate to...
Home to this many different zones of varying themes... (not counting the tent, obviously)
Name one of these zones.
If you gain access to the big top, with... 4 tickets... (Why?) Then you get to fight...
When you leave the theme park, you get to continue to...
...This is which common type of level present in most games?
I won't spend much time on this level, but one last question... (Type 'OK')
You meet a pirate in the back room. Type either the name of the pirate, or the name of the level that was in the painting behind him.
Alright, on to the prehistoric-themed level. What was that called again? It had the boss's name in it..
..Oh, right. And what did you have to do for him after beating him?
Banjo and Kazooie are probably tired right about now. What do you need to collect as life? (Not life extensions)
Much better. Now it's time for Grunty Industries. You get turned into, weirdly, a... help the workers out. You fight the visually impaired welding torch...
...and move on to the next level. This is a very generic level in pretty much every aspect. It is...
Oh yes. What is special about this level in the boss department?
There is an ice meteor that falls on the foot of what Yeti?
This next level takes you up to the sky. It's called
Here, you challenge most Banjo-Tooie players' worst nightmare for the THIRD AND FOURTH TIMES. Her name is...
And you race her in a...
The boss of this level is someone you should trust. Who does it look like?
Ok, we're almost at the end. Uh-oh, we forgot Lord Woo Fak Fak! Better go back. Now which 'locker' was he in?
We're finally at 'the witch's' castle (must not spoil first question) in which she makes you take a...
And you are up against her sisters. Name one.
And you fight her machine, which is, not surprisingly, named...
Cool! And are there secret pictures at the end?
So you've beaten the game. Time for some trivia... (Type 'ROKAY!' for no reason.)
XD Yay. Alright, so what are the multicolored creatures you collect throughout the game?
Ok, and which family of them is extinct thanks to the witch?
Okay, and why can't Heggy hatch the Yellow Secret Egg in Heggy's shed?
And lastly, a fittingly random question. There is an enemy flying around below the platform which you get what item on?
This quiz is done. But wait, another question! Did you enjoy this quiz?

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