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Can you name the celebrities who have claimed to have seen UFOs, based on what the alients might have said to them?

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You certainly don't look like the greatest.Athlete
I saw 'Labyrinth' - did we go to high school together?Musician/Actor
We received your message in Voyager 1 that started, 'We cast this message into the cosmos…'Politician
Based on your Korean War record, could you advise us on how to cross-dress to get out of interstellar travel?Actor
Mr. Kramden, we have a way for you to make some money…Actor
Are we supposed to call your autobiography 'N-Word', or by its actual name?Actor
Whatever you do, don't blame our colleague Yoko.Musician
After seeing you in both 'Oklahoma!' and 'Carousel', we'd like to offer a role in our new musical 'Alpha Centauri'Actor
We were observing Watergate; you certainly are a crook.Politician
We would be the perfect consultants for your proposed missile defense system.Politician
If you pay for gas, we'll take you where no man has gone before.Actor

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