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What is the opposite of the word introvert?
The Palauan flag has blue and what colour on it?
What is the translation of 'deja vu'
Who is the current leader of the labour party?
In what county is Dartmoor?
What sport would you associate Roger Federer?
What is 7 cubed?
How many constituencies make up the U.K?
What is the longest word without a vowel?
Which element has the symbol 'W'
How many oxygen atoms are there in adenosine triphosphate?
What word beginning with 'g' would you associate with inclines and slopes, as well as a mathematic topic?
In what century BC did the Yin Dynasty end?
What is the capital city of Jamaica?
What is the 12th digit of pi?
What is the highest point of Wales?
Who was assassinated in Sarajevo, leading to WW1?
Who hosted the World Cup in 2010?`
Who defeated Denmark in the World Cup 2018?
What is (a cubed) to the power of 7?
Who wrote 'An Inspector Calls'?
What word links a very sharp object and a clash of clan troop?
How many nitrogen atoms are in Methane?
What is the scientific name for the shin?
What word links a leader of a country and a piece of equipment used to make straight lines?
An 'Actinopterygii' is a type of what?
Which country has the southernmost capital in the World?
What year was the first iPhone invented?
Which Indonesian volcano infamously erupted in the 19th century?
Who invented Facebook?
Who is the physics teacher of the year 10 top set triple?
Which chemical process would you associate with something being balanced?
What is a 24-sided shape called?
What is the colour of the Twitter logo?
What car company manufactures the Octavia edition?
What is the capital city of Botswana
What is the past tense of I have?
What colour is a Granum?
What is the translation of 'bonjour'
What is 'yo' a colloquial type of?
What year did Elizabeth II take the British throne?
Which colour has no words to rhyme with it?
Where is Krasnodar located?
Which cellular structure rhymes with chasm?
What material is a cell wall made of?
What does 'ici' mean in English?
What is Martine Dewes' trademark phrase which integrates a negation and an amount of time
A 'Thylakoid' is located in what cellular structure?
What is the opposite of Excardination?
In what century was the Poor Laws established?
Which airline company has seizes presence lately?
What state does a membrane need to be in for osmosis to occur?
Which artist made the song 'Icons'
What is Scunthorpe United's football stadium?
What is the currency of Switzerland
Which Indian striker scored a header against Port Vale
Thrombosis can occur in what blood vessels?
Myriad is a synonym of what phrase that is 'beaucoup' in French
Cell Replication occurs in what prokaryotic cellular structure?
Ultraviolet waves are what of the ____ spectrum?
Froisser means what in English?
Who won the Ballon D'Or 2018?
Who won Eurovision 2018
What is the best internet browser?
William Thexton is associated with what sport?
What is the plural of dice?
Fatal Fields is in what video game?
What is the currency of the U.K
What team lost 0-8 to Manchester City?
Who won the most recent heads & volleys game?
What county did Shoreditch used to be in?
Kenwyn Jones is from what country?
what is 11 cubed?
What secondary colour features on the flag of Dominica (not green)
What rating is Edin Dzeko on Fifa 20?
What is the longest line called relating to Trigonometry?
In what lesson was Duotheorominocology invented in?
Mizoram is a state of what country?
Over time with erosion, a stack will eventually form a what?
What continent produces the highest numerosity of yams
What is the largest territory claimed by one solitary country
What is the 37th digit of pi?
Grass is green, water is ___
Who invented the telephone?
Binary Fission occurs in what types of cells?
What feature does bacterial cells have beginning with 'p'
Chasminodes are a type of what?
Cruralispennia is a type of what?
Complete the alliteration, Putrid ____
The Lake District is part of what Mountain Range?
In RNA, Thymine is replaced by what nitrogenous base to pair with Adenine
Chlordiazepoxide is part of what class?
The term 'innit' derives from what language?
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