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What city did Lister grow up in
What moon did Rimmer grow up on
What Year was Red Dwarf first Broadcast
What is the name of the small green transport ship
What is Lister's Rank
What number crew member is Lister
How old is the old vision of Lister in Future Echoes
What was the name of the ship Kryten was found on
Where is the Cat Peoples' Promised Land
What is Paranoia eating when you first see him
What type of soup did Rimmer ask to be heated up becuase it was cold when he dined at the Captain's Table
What was Lister actually trying to make when he shows Rimmer the cake in Balance of Power
What game does Queeg challenge Holly to for control of the ship
What do the crew take back through the Stasis Leak to test if they can bring anyone back
The Skutters are a member of this famous actor's fan club
What is the Cat's opposite in Parrallel Universe
What City do the Crew travel to in Backwards
What age did Lister lose his virginity
What emotion does Rimmer lose in Polymorph
What emotion does Lister lose in Polymorph
Who does Lister first swap minds with in Bodyswap
Who does Lister 'scuffle' with in Timeslides
What does Lister try to set fire to in Justice that causes his back to catch alight
Who does the Cat see when he sees Camille (what his heart most desires)
What was Lister first turned into by the DNA machine
What is Kryten's full name
What does Lister block the White Hole up with
What is the line everyone says once they meet Ace Rimmer
What was the game Rimmer played against Caldicott in his youth that he is retelling at the start of Meltdown
Who is the fictional character that Lister sees facing a firing squad (he refused the blindfold)

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