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Splitting her time between being an overly sexual doctors assistant and being an expert marksman
Sometimes sprouts wings when he fights, likely against his father, grandfather or even great grandfather
Head of criminal organisation Shadaloo. Switched names with a beautiful cagefighter
Mother human, father demon. He prefers his mother's side. And strawberry sundaes
SOLDIER, swordsman and even a one-winged angel!
'Henshin-a-go-go, baby!'
Played in an Oscar-worthy performance by Jean-Claude van Damme
One of the first video game zombie fighters, still lives today to wear green yet another day
Groovy dude. He'll either beat you with his Capoeira or his disco dancing
Wants you to get over there
Wow, when he objects, he makes a really big deal out of it
He looks very very edible, but as it turns out, he is the one doing all the eating and swallowing!
He really goes bananas when he sees Jumpman.. or whatever his name is
Hmm he looks like a pie. I bet he'd taste like cherry. Or ghost
Ran an orphanage. Then she became posessed, learnt magic and tried to take over the world
Ok, I'll finish this game on hard and under x hours.. ok, going good.. ok almost there.. yes I did it and OMG SHE IS A GIRL!?!
Went to kill his enemies, killed them, became one of them, then lost his status.. so THAT's Sparta!
The most talked about boobs in gaming history
So you're saying you're not the exact same person we saw in the last town? You just conveniently look exactly the same and have the exact same proffession?
Mute contortionist in S&M outfit. DO NOT APPROACH! HIGHLY DANGEROUS!

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