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Forced Order
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What type of outfit does Marissa wear to escape from hospital in 'The Rescue'?
What room number do the 'Core Four' stay in on there way to TJ?
Where did the Atwood's live before moving to Chino?
What holiday is celebrated during each of the 4 seasons of the O.C?
Who recorded the theme tune 'California'?
Who was the first character to be cast?
Which magazine did Carter Buckley self publish that Sandy read religiously?
Who took over from Shailene Woodley as Kaitlin Cooper in Season 3/4?
Little Miss Vixen was based on which character?
Who played Trey Atwood in season 1?
Which two characters does Seth welcome to a life of 'Insecurity and paralysing self doubt'
What word do the titles of all 92 episodes have in common?
What is the name of the baby rabbit that Summer gives to Ryan?
What does Ryan like about rich kids?
Which state do Summer and Seth decide to attend college at?
During Julie and Caleb's wedding what colour are the bridesmaid dresses?
How many of the cast appeared in all 92 episodes?
What is the name of Summer's Step-Mother/Monster?
What is the name of the con-artist who befriends Kirsten in rehab?
Who's father is played by Christopher Cousin's?

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