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QUIZ: Can you name the Famous Rabbits?

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He's always running to endorse his product, and never ever ever stops.
This one's deadly, you might be in need of a hand grenade!
Always worried and pointing out the problems in life, it's a wonder his friends don't go to another acre of the wood.
Will risk life and limb to get into the garden and steal carrots, I also hear he's got a fly upon his nose.
Did he commit the murder or was he framed?
Would you follow him down his hole?
Adversary of Elmer, Daffy and so many more.
One of the kindest bunnies around, always giving, and surprisingly religious.
A tv character that Buster can't get enough of.
The only 7ft Rabbit in the quiz, he signals the coming apocalypse.
One of Sonic's friends.
Enigmatic or simply perverted? It's not for a mere mortal like me to decide.
Only a silver bullet can stop this rabbit eating the town's vegetables!

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