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What is the main operational vehicle of ECOSOC?
Which Chapter dealt with formation of ECOSOC?
Originally ECOSOC had .. members
Now there are .. elected regionally for ...-year periods
None of this was an issue until 1945 because of ...
Main need for addressing these issues was the ... of the impacts of the World Wars
In WW2, there was a greater need for ...
Also a new agenda arose because of majority ... ... members
As such, the UNDP was established in what year?
What is its annual budget?
Its priorities reflect changing ... and ... preoccupations of ... thinking
Its current priorities include: ... reduction, ... prevention, e & e (?), ... governance
What are the two functions of UNDP?
They publish an annual ...-based report on potential and actual ...
There are about .. criteria
The three central ones are:
Also important are:
For how many countries do they produce an annual report?
The ordering of countries is called the ... ... ...
Who came 1st in 2014?
Where did UK come?
Who came last?
What do the bottom 5 have in common?
What is not taken into account within countries?
What was formed in 1964?
Closely linked to the ...
Which now has ... members
The group's high point of influence was in the...
What arose in 1974?
Its proponents had .. proposals to change the ... of the global economy
These included ... ... support and ... transfers to LDCs
As well as transfer of ... capacity and lowered ... on ... of manufactured products
These demands fulfil all the supposed '...' of the MDGs
They deal with the more ... problems of the global economy

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