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to feel like ****
to have it in for someone
friendly fire
to look for trouble, pick a fight, kick up a fuss
to settle, resolve
to handcuff
horrifying, terrifying, spine-chilling
to be merciless or cruel with
to fend for oneself, get by, make a living
something unpleasant
intention of benefiting financially
to be a bore
a chancer
the (jigsaw) puzzle, can be figurative
a rant, spiel (long-winded or violent)
rally/demonstration at private residence
a gust, a burst (of gunfire)
aversion, dislike
worry, anxiety, distress
to get thin, to lose weight
to afflict, distress
in play
a hinge OR minority part key to gov
to diminish, take away, deduct
to undermine
to hoist, raise (to lose one's temper, go ballistic

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