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zeal, enthusiasm (pl. feelings of jealousy)
to proclaim, extol, spread
cut back on/cut down
something that prevents a run on banks OR a playpen
much ado about nothing
to fill (a place with people) to bursting
a milestone
breaking, collapse, rupture OR bankruptcy
to declare bankruptcy
to give in, give up
a surplus
to set forth, launch, undertake
a hostage
determination, resolve
a ceasefire
blackmail, extortion
enormous, tremendous (error)
a cheat note OR a little guide
a cliché
a delay, a late-coming
to take a back seat
an embarrassment (scandal) OR a scorcher
a parliamentary seat
an overturn, upset, capsizing
to earn, win respect
to make an impression/mark OR to damage
to speak one's mind
gaunt, wasted away
to pay attention to someone
rubbish, waste, trash (figurative too)
to do the utmost, everything you can
to slit a throat
hurtful (comment)
to pierce, bore through
a severance package/settlement
a weasel
to cling to
to go all-out, all-or-nothing
the capacity, load, quota, room
a hotbed, breeding ground
an immigrant boat
the distinctive feature
not to do a bit of work
a grass/snitch
to be au fait/up-to-date with
a money box, savings, piggy bank
an affair, one night stand
an outcast, pariah, heretic

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