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Can you name the Self-determination: WK6?

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The real conceptual innovation was with the earlier ... system
It brought a new ... to the aftermath of war
States could no longer just pick up '...' ...
Chapter XII of the Charter outlined the ... ... System
There were two main types of trusteeships. The former ... ...
...and the new ... ...
Roosevelt wanted all ... territories to become trusteeships
Success: Which 3 African territories went from Germany to France/British trusteeships?
The first became independent and part joined ...
The second became independent as ... with British ...
The third became independent as ... and the British part joined ...
Mixed: 2 from Germany, 1 from Italy:
Who were the respective Mandate powers?
After the independence of which state was the Trusteeship Council suspended?
Which year was this?
What is not mentioned in Chapter XI of the Charter?
Tacit acceptance of continuing ...
In 1960 there were .. new member states, .. of them African
Sign of change in discourse was the ... Session of the GA in ...
The ... was precedent for the UN as a .../... Administration
Where did the UN step in after annexation by Indonesia?
It was previously a colonial territory of ...
... ... was also invaded by Indonesia shortly after independence in ...
Referendum in ... was a victory for the nationalists
Regained full independence as ... in ... after peacekeeping mission
Which country is de facto independent but de jure still under UN control?
Who objects?

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