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What is one theory that says the UN is the latest manifestation?
Both LON and UN born out of rapid ... ...
especially in ... and ...
A new type of actor emerged in the second half of the ... ...
These were ... agencies
What was the most radical aspect of the LON?
4 new system aspects brought in by LON. 1:
This latter aspect is encapsulated by the maxim:
2: no longer relevant
3: still a central purpose
4: also still important, and more difficult
What was the first major failure of LON collective security?
What was drawn up in August 1941?
January 1942 first use of the term...
IO for maintenance of peace & sec confirmed Dec 1943 at...
Where is the shape of the UN drawn up by bureaucrats, Aug 1944?
Blueprint moves to political leaders Feb 1945 at...
Who wanted de-centralised, regional bodies overseen by the UN?
Who wanted a highly centralised org?
What compromise was come to re voting states?
Veto was supposed to only cover ... matters
First official UN meeting took place in ... where there were ... signatories
UN system can be put into two categories:
How many NGOs are registered with ECOSOC?
S-G cannot be from one of the ... ...
A blockade on new members was overcome in ....
What group was formed in 1961?
How many members does it currently comprise?
When was the People's Republic of China recognised?
First blue-helmets mission was where and when?
Mission in which country threw the UN into crisis?
It resulted in the death of...
What major event changed the UN's make-up drastically?
UN was marginalised during the crisis in what country?
Formulaic history of crisis followed by ...
General prohibition on the use of force is often referred to as ... .. ... ...
Important questions in GA must have ...-... majority
What was the first Emergency Session called in response to?
Which special organ has been 'suspended'?
How many judges sit on the ICJ?
Which S-G instituted the greatest reform?
How many specialised agencies are there?
The Soviet Union was against the creation of a single, ... UN ...

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