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Can you name the Human Rights and the UN: WK5?

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Human rights were first promoted in the ... .. ...
Though it was more a ... notion of rights than ...
What change in terms did the UN make? From ... to ...
Who outlined 'Four Freedoms'?
What were the negative freedoms? (without interference)
What were the positive freedoms?
These were reflected in the ... ... in 1941
Charter underlines connection between HRs and ... & ...
What did Roosevelt originally want attached to the Charter?
This was too close to a '...' ... constitution
It would also cut across Article ...
...relating to matters in the ... ... of any state
Eleanor Roosevelt was the first chair of which body?
When was it established?
There are qualifications to rights in Article ...
such as '... to the ...'
and also '... and ... ... in a democratic society'
Communist states emphasises importance of ... rights
There were two ... created in 1966. One was ... and the other ...
The first 'wave' of HRs in the UN was centred around protection against an ... ...
Second wave was related to rights of ... participation and standards of ...
Third wave focused on ... collective rights
Such as ... or a safe global ...
When was the HR Commission replaced and by what?
How many members does it have?
Which state now participates fully with the Council?
What major innovation did the Council begin?
Performance is reviewed every ... years
States voting to protect friends from criticism is the '... effect
The abject failure in ... led to development of ...
Creating conditions for negotiations is ...-...
More directly related to HRs and often with regime change is ... ...
Risk of intervening is that the conflict becomes '...'
Argument that the conflict should be allowed to ... itself
Which country has top HR standards, but not a democracy?
Which is an example of the opposite?
Where there is a majority always winning, a minority can be oppressed. This is ...
Where did this occur?

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