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Can you name the the famous USA in Asia dates??

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The Gulf of Tonkin Incident
Inchon Landing
Last US Soldier Leaves Vietnam
The Battle of Khe Sanh
Kennedy is Assassinated
Strategic Hamlets Program (Diem)
Buddhist Monk's Self-immolation
Stalin Dies
Seoul is Retaken (After China)
North Korea Invades South Korea
MacArthur Sacked
Operation Rolling Thunder
Cuban Missile Crisis
Eisenhower Elected President
Eisenhower Becomes President
My Lai Massacre
The Battle Of Ap Bac
Diem Prohibits Use of Buddhist Flags
Kim Il Sung Goes To Moscow
Moscow Accords
Korean War's Armistice Signed at Panmunjom
Johnson (LBJ) Leaves Office
The Battle of DiemBeinPhu
Communist Insurgency in Malaya
Chinese Occupy Seoul

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