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Female gamete.
Part of menstral cycle that usually occurs around day 14.
Connects Uterus to Vagina.
Stores and secretes a slightly alkaline fluid that comprises part of semen.
Male gamete.
First phase of menstral cycle.
Female gonads
Tubes that fertilized egg travels through to the uterus.
Birth canal that connects external genitalia to cervix of uterus.
Holds testes external to body cavity at slightly lower temperature than that of the body.
Term for a fertilized egg.
Deposits sperm into female reproductive tract; normally flaccid.
Hollow, muscular, extensible organ that is the site of implantation; houses developing embryo.
Fluid ejaculated from penis that contains sperm.
Male gonads.
Second phase of menstral cycle.
Joins urethra via ejaculatory duct in prostrate gland.
Androgen produced by leydig cells in seminiferous tubules.
Site of final sperm maturation.
Cells responsible for converting androgens to estrogen in females.

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