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Can you name the each part of the digestive system based on it's role??

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RoleBody Part
Where the digestive process starts.
Common pathway for air and food/liquid.
Muscular tube that takes food to the stmoach
Releases chyme into small intestine.
Part of the brain that initiates vomitting.
RoleBody Part
First section of the small intestine.
Primary site of digestion and absoption.
Role is to absorb remaining water and transport feces to anus.
Metabolizes nutrients and secretes bile.
Both and endocrine and exocrine gland. Releases Insulin and Glucagon
RoleBody Part
A salivary gland located in the mouth.
Digestion/absoption is usually completed by the time it reaches this part of the small intestine.
Final structure of digestive tract where waste exits.
Final section of the small intestine; role is to transport feces to colon.
Responsible for grinding up food in the mouth.

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