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HintAnswerXtra Hint
Who is the main male character?'Sit on my porch and pluck at my six string'
Who is the main female character?'It's three weeks! I Swear!'
Leader of the Fireflies?Female
Joel's brother?Long brown hair
Joel's daughter?Blonde hair, southern accent
Joel's partner before the Ellie?Tall, female
Guy who ows Joel and number six answer ^ gunsThug, slicked back long hair
Joel's crazy, isolated acquaintance?He fights alongside you at one point in the story
The older of the two brothers you meet?African American, 25
The younger of the two brothers you meet?African American, 14
How old is the main female character?'What are you, like, 12?'
Name of normal infected (Stage one infection)Fast
Name of infected with ability to take cover? (Stage two infection)Sneaky
Name of blind, clicking infected? (Stage three infection)Ck ck ck ck ck
Name of huge, fungal body armor infected? (Stage four infection)Fat
Group of rebels looking for a cure?Torchbugs
Group who kill all in there territory for their supplies? (Not infected)Predator/ prey
First sidearm you acquire?Think simple
Second sidearm?Six shooter
HintAnswerXtra Hint
Third sidearm?This gun is short
Fourth sidearm?Espanol
First long barrel gun you acquire?Can add a scope
Second long barrel WEAPON? I didn't type 'gun'
Third long barrel gun?Get in close
Fourth long barrel gun? FSHHHHHH
Fifth long barrel gun?Can't upgrade it, since you get it in the last mission
Ellie's hidden weapon?HHHnn'YEEA
Craftable stealth kill blade?SHANK
Craftable mine/bomb?Number 8's answer shows you how to make these
Craftable health?Rag and alcohol
Craftable throwable involving flames?Makes it's opponents scream in pain
Craftable stun/cover bomb?Literally makes you invisible
How long does the story take place after the intro scene?Type the number
Does the military help Joel and his daughter in the intro?Yes or no
What group captures Ellie near the end of the story? (Hint: what they eat)Mmmm
Something Ellie never learned how to do?Have to help her cross something, using a plank, multiple times
Where does Joel become impaled?Upper body
What sport did Joel's daughter play?Joel is pictured with her carrying a trophy

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