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'Heavenly' cake made from egg whites, sugar and flour
A ring-shaped product made from very stiff yeast dough
A dessert of ice cream pie with a meringue topping that is cooked
Greek or Middle Eastern layered sheets, soaked in syrup
German cake made with broiled layers of batter that resemble tree rings
Molded bavarian cream cake ringed with lady fingers
Fruit dessert similar to a pie, but without the bottom crust
A light, vanilla flavored custard often used as a sauce or the base for ice cream
French Pancakes
An almond-flavored cream
A rich cream of sweet chocolate and heavy cream, used for the inside of truffles
Indian dessert similar to a funnel cake, soaked in syrup
A small, dry, finger-shaped sponge cake
A cookie made of egg whites and almond paste or coconut
A paste or confection of almonds and sugar
Dough for cream puffs and eclairs
Dainty cakes that can be eaten in one or two bites
Italian dessert of lady fingers, with creamy filling and espresso
Italian dessert sauce or custard made with marsala wine
The bread baker, in french

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