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Count Rumford discovered a lot about this debunked substance by boring a whole lot of cannons (how boring). It was said to exist in all things and was the cause of heat transfer.
Michelson and Morley put the final nail in the coffin of this concept when they showed that the speed of light did not depend on what direction one was facing.
Benjamin Franklin was a proponent of this theory of electricity which had both positive and negative flows within a wire.
This delicious theory was kicked to the curb when Rutherford (and Geiger and Marsden) shot some alpha particles (helium nuclei) at some gold foil. Sorry Thomson.
It was Empedocles in ancient Greece who tacked on these 2 new 'forces' to the already widely accepted 4. His new forces were meant to explain WHY the others behaved how they do
Though still ubiquitous today, due to its high accuracy in most situations, this theory pioneered by the likes of Newton and Lagrange was replaced by the stranger Quantum Mechanics
It was Newton who put forward this theory which states that light is made of tiny particles (for which he had a special name). Unfortunately the true story is more complicated.
This theory of an unchanging universe was an equally accepted alternative to the big bang theory before the relatively recent discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
Despite being 'common knowledge' it is simply not true that people believed this theory until Columbus. Even before the ancient greeks this theory was known to be false.
Despite what people say, this theory was NOT replaced by the view that the 'earth rotates around the sun' but rather both orbit around their two-body center of mass.
Poor Newton, his theories are taking a beating. It was Einstein who 'revised' this law which is probably best known to layman for the apocryphal tale of how Newton conceived it.
Yet another theory smashed by Einstein. This theory of Galileo stated that, in physics, there was an absolute time and inertial reference frames could have any relative velocity.
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