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Forced Order
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What was the date of D-Day? (DD/MM/YYYY)
On which river did the US and Soviet armies meet?
What was the name of the Operation of the planned invasion of the United Kingdom?
What resource imported from Sweden was vitally important to Nazi Germany?
Who was the leader of Free France?
Which battleship sunk the HMS Hood?
Which Soviet tank was described as 'the finest tank in the world' in 1941?
Where was the HMS Royal Oak anchored when it was sunk by enemy torpedoes?
How many beaches were landed on on D-Day?
Who was the leader of the Kingdom of Italy?
Which country, along with Hungary and Slovakia, joined the Axis in November 1940?
Which German General was known as 'The Desert Fox'?
What is the English translation of the German goal of 'Lebensraum'?
What was the Operation name of the Nazi Germany invasion of the USSR?
On which Battleship did the Japanese surrender on?
Who succeeded Adolf Hitler after his suicide?
Which year were Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania annexed into the Soviet Union?
What was the name of the aircraft that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima?
Where was the British Expeditionary Force evacuated from?
What wooded area was travelled through to bypass the Maginot Line?

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