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Can you identify which statement is true for the World Cup Final, Super Bowl Final or Both? Type 'W' for World Cup Final, 'S' for the Super Bowl and 'B' for Both

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Which one...(W)orld Cup, (S)uper Bowl or (B)oth?
had more viewers? (in most recent contest)
was contested first?
had more tweets? (during final of most recent contest)
had more attendants at the venue (in most recent contest)?
is usually contested in February?
has been won 6 times by the same team/nation?
has been contested in USA?
Is contested annually?
Which one...(W)orld Cup, (S)uper Bowl or (B)oth?
had more attendants to first ever final at the venue?
was broadcasted by more channels (in most recent contest, worldwide)?
has a youngest player who was 17 years, 8 months and 6 days?
plays the National Anthem(s) before each final game?
has a halftime show?
has more twitter followers?
is contested on a Sunday?

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