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Can you separate the (S)cientists from the (T)elevision characters?

Quiz Updated Aug 27, 2015

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Name(S)cientist or (T)elevision
George Costanza
Nelson Van Alden
Robert Hooke
Sigmund Freud
John von Neumann
Willard Libby
John Napier
Jean-Luc Picard
Ernst Mayr
Konrad Lorenz
Eric Cartman
Dwight Schrute
Max Delbruck
Barney Stinson
Robert Koch
Name(S)cientist or (T)elevision
Daenerys Targaryen
Adrian Monk
Kurt Hummel
Tycho Brahe
Edward Teller
Walter White
Tony Soprano
Malcolm Reynolds
Mitchell Pritchett
Edwin Hubble
Ernest Rutherford
Franz Boas
Chandler Bing
John Bardeen
Omar Little

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