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this website
a day of the week
the amount of questions in this quiz
the number of days in March
a FIFA World Cup winning nation
a month of the year
one of the 10 most visited websites (2014)
a European country (Sporcle accepted)
the country directly north of USA
a country beginning with 'S'
a Premier League winning team
a number from one to three in french
a US state
a country ending in 'ia'
the colour of the sky
the biggest country in the World
the first row of keys on a QWERTY keyboard
a country ending in 'an'
a colour of the Chinese flag
what Mariah Carey wants for Christmas
a country which borders India
Blue in French (singular)
a colour of the Japanese flag
one in Spanish
the colour of grass
the capital of Italy
one of the 5 oceans
the capital of France
a country in Oceania
a 3-letter (Sporcle-accepted) body part
a word which rhymes with 'Face'
a word which rhymes with 'dip'
the capital of Russia
one of the 20 most-spoken languages
the sport contested in the Super Bowl
'yes' in German
the capital of Norway

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