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What is Drama's Line in 'Head On'Pilot episode, in the limo
Who is the blonde girl Looking for Vince at the Head on Premier?
Who is turtle and the boys drug dealer
Who does Vince agree to do a movie with at sundance before aquaman
Who did Turtle and Drama have a threesome with at Sundance
What is the entourage theme songJane's addiction
Who 'Got' Drama in the hidden Camera Show?
What was the name of the pornstar group that helped 'saved aquaman'
Where did Eric and Sloane Meet?
When did we see them first ineract?
What is Sloanes one rule?
What resturant did E manage before he came to LA?
What type of car did Vince by the boys after Aquaman
Who did E and Sloane have a threesome with?
What did Vince and his Spanish teacher do every tuesday?
Who was Vince suppose to **** in order to get the funding for Medellin
What baseball players jersey did Turle and Drama buy at an auction?
Whats Turtles Real name?
Who is Turtles girlfriend?
What pornstar did Vince date?
Who was Ari's Boss ?
Who leaked Ari moving to a new agency ?
Whose Party did Ari Crash on the beach?
What are the names of Ari's Kids?
Whats Ari's Wife Real name?
Who did Ari's Wife date after they took a break?
Whose house did Vince by when he agreed to do Aquaman?
Who Was the boys neighbor and eventually E's Client Very funny and well known
What's the name of Turtles tequila company
Who was Vinces agent when he left Ari?
Who is Ari's best friend and former head of the TV department
Who actually stole the boys underwear from their house?
Who did Vince and Drama play with at the Charity Golf Tournament?
Who does E sucker punch in Vegas?
Where did the boys, Eric Roberts and Ari go to make a major career decision?
What is the name of the boys childhood friend who visits them in LA
Who's life is entourage loosely based off of?
Where did Ari and Dana Gordon Really hookup originally? They say Cabo, but its not
What commerical did Ari find Vince from?
Who did E end up being business partners with?
What is name the Dramas TV Show in Season 8
Who was Drama's Co-star
Who is Lloyds boyfriend?
What did Dom steal from Phil Ruberstiens House?
Who is Studio Head who hates Vince and Air
Who does E think has a crush on him prior to signing her as a client?
Who does Vince finally close with after her shoot with tony bennett? former pure tour virgin
Who flys the boys to the Cannes Film Festival
What game does Turtle, Drama and cast mates play in the trailer on the set of 5 towns'Im bugging out'
Who does Drama have sex with on the beach in france and later dates? 'Obsession is a huge turn on'
What show does Drama have a meltdown on?
Who does E stalk to get Vince a role in his new movie?
Who ambuses E at the Gatsby Premiere and doesn't trust Eric
Who does turtle go to mexico with and who do they go to meet?to discuss tequila
What was Vinces first movieit was a very small roll
After that his first premiere was pilot episode
What movie did vince agree to do his own stunts?
Who repeatedly says 'is that something you might be interested in?
What was the name of Ari's agency prior to the merger? 'we sound like a F***ing beer'
Who punches Vince at a party before the end of Season 7

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