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They have no kings on FF-9, Unlike FF-7
It is fought in Ipsen's castle and memoria
1 of the 3 stone class enemies
Comes in two's, one is fire based the other ice based
The only Dragon and Undead class combination
Hilda threatens to turn regent Cid into one of these if he ever cheats on her again
Can use poison counter and it is the weakest dragon in the game
Found on vile island only ( looks innocent at first but how wrong could I be)
The only enemy that teaches Quina frog drop when eaten
Ha !! really? it can't be that hard to beat, its a globe
Its a demon in class but looks like it should fall under the insect class. It likes to use fire based attacks
To defeat it, you must take out it's core
One of the few that can use snort and only found in pandemonium, Terra
A bomb in a shell but a hell of a lot stronger
At the start of the battle it will either cast reflect or use snowstorm
Yan, Ash and which other enemy to have only 3 letters in its name
Uses stone, has a friendly counter part and has the least letters in it's name out of the entire games enemies
A dragon with many heads each with it's own attack
There is a Piece of headgear for women named after this enemy
Shares it's name with a type of bad status
Can teach Quina Aqua breath when eaten and no its not axolotl
Fought only around the quicksand area near the desert palace and it falls under the insect class (for some reason?)
If it's master is defeated , then it goes down with him
It's white, flies and likes to put you in the berserk status
Its bluey-Green , flies and also likes to put you in the berserk staus
Fought in the desert palace and likes to use heat and freeze status magic
Undead and aeriel and had a friendly counterpart near Treno
A demon like unicorn that can be challenged in Treno and found in Pandemonium
Found on the way to bran-bal and like to use status inflicting magic
A beast fought in the evil forrest and during the festival of the hunt in lindblum
Found only in memoria , weak against thunder and uses might
A dragon found on the beaches near the chocobo forrest and in burmecia
An insect that uses an attack called stomach
Can grow and then explode to do damage to all the party
A beast that can use earthquake and can turn a party member to stone
Can use flame and can inflict the trouble status
Carries a book and has a friendly counterpart
undead and uses whirl slash
Gives a Massive amount of Ap in ff-7 and can be found in Terra
Only five of these can be fought in mount gulug
Only fought in Burmecia and takes the from of chests
Only found in Qu's marshes and uses aqua breath
Insect class that is found near Madain Sari and on the lost continent
A big green owl fought when trying to find the entrance to the black mage village
Can counter attacks with its spear and can put a character in the berserk status
Likes to use vanish and use an attack named after it
Can steal a potion from you
One of the few enemies that can use comet and it absorbs all elements
Level 15, found in fossil Roo and casts the black magic sleep
Looks like a chameleon and can put a character in the gradual petrify status

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