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BaseballPitching a game with no hits, walks, errors or hit batsmen; it's only been done 20 times in the MLB
American FootballThis number is the highest passer rating possible for a quarterback in NFL/CFL football, implying a perfect game
GolfScoring -3 on a hole, either by taking 2 shots on a par 5 or an ace on a par 4
SoccerScoring 3 goals in one game, the term is also used in other sports
Ice hockeyAchieved when a goalie does not let in any goals during a game
BasketballA player who reaches double digits in three out of five major statistical categories during a game
BaseballHitting a home run, a triple, a double and a single in one game
Figure skatingIn the old, pre-2004 system, this number was the highest score a judge could give in competition
TennisWinning a set 6-0, named after the shape of a 0
DartsA perfect game of darts, achieving a score of 501 with the minimum number of darts possible
BowlingThe score you would achieve by throwing a perfect game of 12 strikes
CricketA batsman scoring 100 or more runs in an inning
SkateboardingThe highest number of degrees ever spun in a jump, first performed by Tony Hawk in 1999
PoolPocketing all of your balls in one turn without letting your opponent shoot

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