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Can you name the terms related to the sport of curling?

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An end in which no points are scored
A curling tournament, from the Scots term for 'League Match'
Used to sweep the ice in front of the rock's path
To accidentally touch a moving stone
The centre, or bullseye, of the house
A shot that curls around and behind an existing rock
A shot aimed at coming as close to the button as possible without hitting any other rocks; can also mean a match
The equivalent of an inning in baseball - in each of these, 16 rocks are thrown
To completely miss a takeout attempt without hitting any rocks
Area between the hog line and house; guards can't be removed from here during the first 4 shots
A very precise draw where a rock comes to rest up against another rock
A rock designed to protect other rocks by providing cover
The footholds at each end of the sheet where curlers start their delivery
The advantage of throwing the last rock in an end
A skip's command - often more of a scream - to sweep
On the near side, where the rock must be released by; on the far side, where a rock must stop past
The three concentric circles on the ice where rocks count towards the score
A skip's command to stop sweeping
Frozen droplets of water sprayed on the ice surface which allow the rocks to curl
A heavy takeout designed to remove a targeted rock, as well as the shooter, from play
A rock which picks up a foreign particle on its path, causing it to deviate
A shot which bumps another rock forward
The rock in the house which is closest to the button
The player who calls the shots and (usually) throws the last rocks
Scoring without the hammer
A rock which hits another rock to knock it out of play

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