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Can you name the answers that are also types of berry?

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Forced Order
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Broke the proverbial camel's back
Cartoon dog and companion to Steve on eponymous Nickelodeon show
British-Canadian publishing baron Conrad, or 'Friday' songstress Rebecca
A tool used for scraping wood, or a harsh grating sound
Senior, as in British Prime Minister Pitt, or Roman historian Pliny
Wingman of Maverick in 'Top Gun'. R.I.P.
A valve in a carburetor which restricts air flow, or a 2001 Chuck Palahniuk novel
Boston airport, or the alias of superhero Wolverine
Chicago football player, or a down stock market
An aromatic leaf added to soups, or the San Francisco area
Fish species: varieties include chinook and silver
Final Fantasy protagonist Strife, or a collaborative computing network
Youtube singer Zonday, or, with 'Sachs', a degenerative disease
Largest city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan
Hawaiian dish of cubed raw fish, or an annoying Facebook feature

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