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Can you name the two acronyms using the same rearranged letters that fit these clues?

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ClueAcronym Pair
How to tell if 'Big Blue' has become 'Obese Blue'
A batting specialist in baseball presented in stunning 1080p
For example, this maker of lightbulbs and owner of NBC
An organization concerned with free speech on the campus of the largest college in Los Angeles
Children should be accompanied by an adult to see this non-specific doctor
These Android smartphones would be more addictive if they added this marijuana active ingredient
If pro golfers were judged using high-school test scores
A decent, but not great, fight-ending blow
If this Blackberry maker got into radiology machines
A sales tax on off-road four-wheel vehicles
Obsessed with playing this popular WWII video game a certain number of times a day
Acid for Mormons
ClueAcronym Pair
A component of the genetic chains that make up a gun lobbyist
An Adobe document about lifejackets
To watch old movies in your Honda compact SUV
A British navy ship named after chatroom disbelief
The Buckeyes college football team performing for the troops
A male romantic partner met through Mark Zuckerberg's social networking site
A non-rewritable disc made in what was formerly Zaire
A unit to measure the pressure applied to your web provider
The numerical web-surfing identification for a detective
A business contract conveyed in sign language
The level of sunscreen protection required for shooter video games
Fashion store famous for underwear models located in Missouri's largest city

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