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Can you name the Matt Hardy V.1.0 Facts as seen on WWE/F TV?

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Matt...Finish the Fact
has beaten _____ 2 straight times
Mattitude is practiced in ___ countries (#)
Hardy's bedtime is ____ AM (#)
Hardy always got more ____ than his brother
has seen all the '____ __ ___' movies
likes ____ muffins
hates ____ weather
scored _____ on his SATs (#)
was the ___ ____ Champion
loves ______
only drinks low-fat _____ milk
keeps the room temperature at a toasty __ (#) degrees
IQ is ___ (#)
has been to _____ Rock
believes that _______ is a boring holiday
is a great ______
is his _____'s favorite child
's favorite band is ___ Jam
was always on the ____ Roll
has ____ in 44 states
was the MVP of the '99 __ ____ ladder match
always sticks to his New Years _____
loves eggnog, hates _____
how to solve a ____ Cube
stays awake until ____ on New Year's
has a ____ toilet seat
likes ___ in his orange juice
Matt...Finish the Fact
was in the academically gifted class in _____ school
strongly dislikes _____
keeps his _____ balanced
thinks _____ has an iota of Mattitude
was the longest surviving _____ superstar in the Royal Rumble
always gets more ____ than his brother
doesn't send flowers, only gives ____
is miserable when _____
finds Shannon very ____ to teach
is annoyed by snow and ___
has a ____ player in his car
usually ____ the speed limit
takes hot ___ with milk and sweetener
pants are a size __ (#) in the waist
thinks sweet potatoes are _____
enjoys looking at pictures in _____
considers himself a ___ symbol
has never locked his ___ in his car
hates cleaning his ____
graciously included Shannon in his ___
is Shannon's ___
Mattitude will make ______ a success
is very ____
is the star of the Hardy Boyz ____
has a valuable _______ comic book collection
is appearing in his 4th ______
often wonders how they did ___ without him
Matt...Finish the Fact
was the only ____ to wrestle at Wrestlemania this year
has read his book ___ times (#)
thinks his match at Wrestlemania was the ___
____ in the nude
book is a ___ ___ ____ best seller, of course
is currently the longest reigning ____ champion on Smackdown
really ____ his book
's favorite sushi is freshwater __
only uses ____ salad dressings
is ____ at putt-putt golf
has over 46 million Mattitude _____
hates waking up before ___
eats slowly to ____ his food
thinks ____ weighs too much to be a cruiserweight
can eat more ___ than Tajiri
likes his steak Medium __
has more ___ than Benoit
Have you ___ Matt's new book?
Hardy invented _____
speaks better English than ____
knows the ____ of all the states
is taller than ___ _____
despises ___
is too _____ to wear a mask
has wrestled on 4 _____
likes ____ soup
abs are better than ___'s
Matt...Finish the Fact
is giving Shannon one more ___
likes ____ better than ___
lost his virginity at age __ (#)
has never had ___
's ____ is better than Benoit's
tans wearing only a ___
Mattitude is considered sacred in ____
has beaten Rey & ___ at consecutive pay-per-views
least favorite sushi is sea ___
Hardy is THE ____ in the sports entertainment industry
hates ___ fights
favorite season is _____
is twice the wrestler ___ ____ is
loves _____ Clothing
despises standstill _____
puts ___ on one fry at a time
is a better commentator than _____ ____
sleeps on his ____
's ____ cookies always predict success
has never lost his ___ phone
's ___ are hipper than Rey's
____ often no-show from fear
has the memory of an ____
& Shannon have '____ Mattitude' than their opponents
enjoys ____ root after eating sushi
rarely uses ____ signals
's home entertainment system requires __ (#) remotes
Matt...Finish the Fact
has wrestled with ___ throat
hates taking ____
has gotten __ (#) speeding tickets
has gotten out of over __ (#) tickets
isn't afraid to ___ alone in public
likes ____ mushrooms
is annoyed by stupid ____
always drinks ___ soda
still has his ____
dreads ___ time
cannot be ____ out
has survived __ (#) car wrecks
likes Mondays better than ___
is more handsome than ___
's ___ grows quickly
____ toilet seat covers
is more Xtreme than ____
's first job was at a ___ ___
has never lost a ___ card
prefers the window seat on ____
loves ___ BBQ's
's countertops are all ___
still has his ___
is a fan of ___ soup
has never run out of __ while driving
's ___ hair grows swiftly
loves getting ___ for free
Matt...Finish the Fact
has status on 5 ___
has exceptionally long ___
's house has 4 ____
's kitchen appliances are all stainless ___
likes his eggs cooked ___ ___
paid cash for his ___
has more ___ than you do
never ___ his clothes
occasionally cheats on his ___
is ridiculously ____
has 4 different ___ numbers
is a fan of ___ crust pizza
has broken his ___ three times
never over-orders in ____
has 44 different action ___
always meets his ____
believes in ___
is not afraid of ____
& Lita hate ____ water
's life is ___ with Lita in it
and Lita are not ____ people
and Lita enjoy ____
doesn't wast time making his ___

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