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Holds the record for most I.C. title reigns
Defeated Bret Hart for the title and lost it to Shawn Michaels in his only reign
First I.C. Champion ever
First ever co I.C. & European Champion
Only woman to ever hold the I.C. gold
Was the first ever 4 time I.C. Champion
Holds the record for the longest I.C. title reign
Was the first ever co I.C. & WWF Champion
Defeated Marc Mero for the title and lost it to Rocky Miavia in his first reign
Was awared the title on a forfeit in his only reign
Defeated Savio Vega to win the belt for his 2nd time
Defeated Owen Hart for his both of his I.C. title reigns
Defeated Tito Santana in tournament finals to win his first I.C. title
The year that the Intercontinental title was introduced
First champion once belt was brought back from inactivity in 2003
Current Intercontinental Champion
Holds the record for the second longest I.C. title reign
Number of times Rob Van Dam has held the I.C. title belt
Defeated Triple H for the title and lost it to Val Venis in his only reign
Jeff Jarrett is a ____ time I.C. champ
True or False: Both members of the New Age Outlaws have held the I.C. title
Ric Flair defeated this wrestler for his only I.C. title ever
Rey Mysterio defeated this wrestler for his first I.C. title at WrestleMania 25
Which wrestler has never held the I.C. title; Lance Storm, Tatanka, Albert
Rowdy Roddy Piper defeated this wrestler for his first and only I.C. title

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