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Position HeldCrewmemberRace
Captain, Enterprise Ahuman
Science Officer, Enterprise Avulcan
Chief Medical Officer, Enterprise Ahuman
Helmsman, Enterprise Ahuman
Communications Officer, Enterprise Ahuman
Chief Engineer, Enterprise Ahuman
Operations Officer, Enterprise Ahuman
Head Nurse, Enterprise Ahuman
Captain, Enterprise Dhuman
First Officer, Enterprise Dhuman
Chief Medical Officer, Enterprise Dhuman
Helmsman, Enterprise Dbajoran
Operations Officer, Enterprise Dandroid
Chief Engineer, Enterprise Dhuman
Chief of Security/Tactical Officer, Enterprise Dklingon
Chief of Security, Enterprise Dhuman
Counselor, Enterprise Dhalf human, half betazoid
Helmsman, Technician, Cadet, Enterprise Dhuman
Temporary Chief Medical Officer, Enterprise Dhuman
Diagnostic Technician, Enterprise Dhuman
Transporter Chief, Enterprise Dhuman
Barteneder, Enterprise DEl Auriain
Captain, Deep Space Ninehuman
First Officer, Deep Space Ninebajoran
Chief Medical Officer, Deep Space Ninehuman
Position HeldCrewmemberRace
Head of Security, Deep Space Ninechangeling
Science Officer, Deep Space Ninetrill
Counselor, Deep Space Ninetrill
Bartender, Deep Space Nineferengi
Civilian, Reporter, Deep Space Ninehuman
Head of Engineering, Deep Space Ninehuman
Chief Tactical Officer, Deep Space NineKlingon
Civilian, Dress Maker, Deep Space Ninecardassian
Captain, Voyagerhuman
First Officer, Voyagerhuman
Chief Engineer, Voyagerhalf human, half klingon
Operations Officer, Voyagerhuman
Chief of Security/Tactical Officer, Voyagervulcan
Helmsman/Field medic,Voyagerhuman
Chief Medical Officer, Voyagerhologram
Nurse, Voyagerocampa
Astrometrics Officer, Voyagerhuman, was once assimilated by the borg
Morale Officer, Chef, Voyagertalaxian
Captain, Enterprise NX-01human
Helmsman, Enterprise NX-01human
Chief Medical Officer, Enterprise NX-01denobulan
Tactical Officer, Enterprise NX-01human
Communications Officer, Enterprise NX-01human
Science Officer, Enterprise NX-01vulcan
Chief Engineer, Enterprise NX-01human

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