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A bipolar boy whose head injuries from a car accident left him insane. He hides his stiched up face under a mask.
A fourteen year old transboy who's disapproving stepmother forced his sibling to move away with his father. Eventually ended up losing it and stabbing her to death on sight.
An innocent twin who came along for the ride to protect her twin from anything they come across
A fire demon who's main purpose is to follow a member from this quiz around as torment and set sh*t ablaze
A twin to a deceased member on this quiz. Helped to carry out the tasks of her younger twins abuse and death. Ran away to Vermont at age seventeen
A killer whose killed his uncle and injured his sister.Haunted by a demon. He wears a mask to hide an entire set of teeth shown on one side of his mouth due to him cutting it off.
Older sibling to someone on this quiz. Helped her brother in times of need leading to their seperation and to her death at age sixteen.
A child murderer who's goal is to be remembered as the greatest murderer. First started seeing the slender man at age five
A white haired. Red eyes albino who's past is something to think twice about.
A corrupted teenager who works for the one known as ZERO. His main goal is to kill a member of this quiz
A kid who is followed by a demon. His mismatched green and red eyes tell a horrific past.

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