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Times up, let's go, all that we know, Release tension, you're my hero..
We'll make it on our own, Breathing our own air, Cause no one else will care..
But there's still tomorrow, Forget the sorrow, And I can be on the (title)..
Start a brand new story, I'll make it through each day, Singing death or glory..
And she's scared to look, The picture's frozen, And she's closed the book..
But it always comes out wrong, I think a part of you still loves me, Even though we're moving on..
You want it back, you fell off track, A thousand knives left in my back..
Cause every day we're getting older, And every day we all get colder, We're sick of waiting for our answers..
Don't accept the blame, I would not complain, 'Cause I'm sure it wasn't your own fault..
Kid, you better say nothing, Kid, you better lie low, Cause this future's coming, 666ft below..
7 days a week, patrolling all these streets, I try to stop, but I can't help it..
Because it's not enough, Now we're growing up, We are giving up, We are moving on..
Style your hair in the bathroom light, Hatred never looked this good, Whoever thought it could..
I wanna do whatever, Laugh until September, And I seem to think that you were once here with me..
A dark place in the light of this city, I know this feeling I keep buried inside..
'Cause you see the world through bloodshot eyes, And we can't decide who's on your side..
And you're all very proud, When there's nothing left to steal, And I feel, so real, it scares me..
Move over son, Your time is done, The weak are trapped under our feet..
'All Hail!', The leaders of the revolution, We've got your policy, your war, your hate, your retribution!..
But do you think we've lost our minds? Yeah we can see through all your lies..

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