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Forced Order
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What type of volcano is mainly composed of basalt?
Heat, pressure and what other variable affect metamorphism?
What type of eruption spews out low viscosity magma?
What term describes the process whereby magmas of various composition can arise from a single parent magma?
What type of igneous rock tends to form in veins around batholiths?
What process is the reverse of partial melting?
What mineral is between pyroxene and biotite on Bowen's Reaction Series?
Name one of two minerals which form the tiny spots seen in spotted rock
What sort of earthquake is caused by the vibration of magma?
What type of metamorphism is seen around a batholith?
What name is given to a splintery, granoblastic rock containing sillimanite?
What term refers to a volcano which has erupted in geological time?
Name a mineral which is not a metamorphic polymorph and only occurs in metamorphic rock.
When lavas are >3m thick, what feature may form?
What is the second lowest temperature mineral on Bowen's Reaction Series?
What process squeezes magma out from between crystals, so they can no longer react?
What is the process whereby denser minerals in a magma sink to the bottom?
What type of lavas have rounded tops and saggy bottoms?
What term refers to solid state recrystallisation due to heat or pressure?

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