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Name 1 of the 2 national languages of Sri Lanka?
What country has the largest Muslim population?
What is the offical motto of Canada? (give latin or english translation)
What 4 countries comprise the United Kingdom? (answer in alphabetical order)
Who is the leader of the Taliban of Afghanistan?
Who is the current President of Afghanistan?
What is the largest coffeehouse company in the world?
What U.S. fort was attacked by Confedreate troops to begin the American Civil War?
Who else rode with Paul Revere to alert American colonial forces that 'the British are coming'?
What sitting U.S. Vice President killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel?
In mathematics, what is the reciprocal of Sine?
What Iranian Prime Minister nationalized the Iranian oil industry in 1951?
What is the main battle tank of the U.S. Army?
What is the Communist Party of Peru, a Maosit terrorist organization, more commonly known as?
Who is known as the global inventor of the mechanical printing press?
What year (+or- 2) did he invent the mechanical printing press? (from the above question)
In the middle of what nation's flag is there a green cedar (tree)?
What year did the French Revolution begin?
Who succeeded U.S. President William McKinley after he was assasinated?
What is the national language of Pakistan?

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