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What is the official national language of Nepal?
What three chemical elements are magnetic?
At what age do you become eligible for Medicare coverage in the U.S.?
Where, after learning King Herod's plan to kill all the local infants, did Joseph flee with his wife Mary and infant son Jesus?
Who is said to have discovered Australia?
In what year was Australia said to be discovered by the British?
What is the name of the system of government in England?
What 3 langauges are on street signs in most urban areas in Israel?
What are the first 6 digits of pi?
Who served as 'Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe' during WWII?
In what year did NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) form?
Where are the NATO headquarters?
How many NATO members are there?
How many UN (United Nations) member states are there?
Name the one non-member permanent observer state in the UN
Who served as President of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War?
What famous woman, after escaping from slavery, made 13 missions to rescue 70+ slaves?
Who did President Abraham Lincoln first ask to command the Union Army?
What was the code name for the potent herbicide used by the U.S. during the Vietnam War?
What does DNA stand for?

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