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Who wrote ''The Star-Spangled Banner''?
Who was the first person in space?
Who was the Beatles first drummer before Ringo?
What was the code name for the invasion of western Europe during World War II by Allied forces
What is the official national langauge of Brazil?
What was the name of the first Earth-orbiting artificial satellite.
What famous American discovered 300 uses for peanuts?
What two independent states are inside the boundaries of Italy?
What are the two official national languages of Israel?
What does 'G8' stand for?
What is the name of the system of government in the United States?
What is the official motto of the U.S.?
What bird did Ben Franklin wish was the national bird of the U.S.?
What is the state capital of Vermont?
What does 'Zip' in Zip Code stand for
What is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan?
What scientist formed the Periodic Table of Elements
Who became President of the U.S. after Abraham Lincoln was assasinated?
What U.S. President, renowned for his toughness, was nicknamed “Old Hickory'?
What is the United States National Flower?

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