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Literal MeaningIdiom
Will be accomplished with no problem
Very mild punishment
Everything; All of it
Mistreated the same way you mistreat others
Avoiding the main issue with small talk
Intuition based on little or no evidence
To say or answer something exactly right
In the middle of 2 bad options
Family bond is closer than anything else
Inquisitive behavior leads to danger
Get to the main point of your statement
Don't rely on something until you truly have
Never act ungrateful when given a gift
Never put all your assets in one venture
Something good masked by something bad
Anything common, cheap and easy to get
Literal MeaningIdiom
You cannot change who someone is
Saving money is making money
A large number of people falling ill or dying
Sorry for cussing (swearing)
Geniuses have similar thoughts
Be patient; don't go yet; calm down
Crossing the middle of a busy street
Waiting room for TV show guests
Accidentally tell a secret
Savings set aside for future use or retirement
To force an issue that has long ended
Threatening but unwilling to fight
Starting over after an attempt fails
Don't hurt or upset anyone that helps you
A bad first start on a relationship or task
Almost victorious, but just short

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