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What was the magnitude of the earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010?
What is the capital of Haiti?
What are the two main colors of the Haitian flag?
What famous American multi-platinum musician, rapper, and record producer was born in Haiti?
What is the name of the island that Haiti is on
What is the official name of Haiti?
Who did Haiti gain independence from?
What currency is used in Haiti?
What are the 2 official languages of Haiti?
What is the population of Haiti? (+- 2 million)
What is the most popular religion (80%) in Haiti?
Which country borders Haiti?
Which US-administered Island does Haiti claim as its own?
What U.S. operation was a response to the overthrow and expulsion of the duly elected government of Haiti by a military coup?
Which Haitian immigrant was the founder of the American city of Chicago, Illinois?

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