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Who is the King of Saudi Arabia?
Which Egyptian President led a bloodless coup which toppled the Egyptian monarchy?
The 1990 Iraqi invasion of what country ignited the Gulf War?
What is the name of the WWI British letter to the Jewish people which promised to establish in Palestine a national home for the Jewish people?
What is the term for a political territory that is ruled by a dynastic Muslim Monarch?
Which country is a Hashemite Kingdom?
What is the capital of Lebanon?
When did the British Mandate of Palestine expire?
Name 1 of the 2 disputed Presidents of the Palestinian National Authority
When did Pakistan recieve independence from the United Kingdom?
What is the capital of Israel?
When did Pakistan become an Islamic Republic?
What does PLO stand for?
Who was and founder of the Republic of Turkey as well as its first President?
Which King was outsted in the 1952 Egyptian Revolution?
What secret agreement between the UK & France during WWI defined their areas of control in W. Asia after the expected downfall of the Ottoman Empire?
Which ethnic group comprises the majority of Iran?
Which ME country is a Sultanate?
What are the 3 independent Emirates? (alphabetically)
Who is the Supreme Leader of Iran?
Who is the Prime Minister of Israel?
Who is the President of Iran?
What is the name of the WWI correspondence between British & Arab leaders concerning the future political status of the Arabian peninsula?
What year did the Algerian War (between France & Algerian independence movements) begin?
Which country recieved independence from the United Kingdom on December 16, 1971?

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