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Can you name the etymology of the names of the chemical elements?

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31st State to join the Union
Greek for 'rose' (the flower)
Latin for 'France'
A continent
Anglo-Saxon word 'iren'
Anglo-Saxon word meaning 'tin'
Arabic 'buraq', Persian 'burah'
Barys; Greek for 'heavy'
Berkeley, California
Beryl; a Greek mineral
Greek for 'acid forming'
Greek for 'a smell/odour'
Glenn Seaborg; discoverer
German word 'zink'
German for 'white mass'
Greek for 'stench'
First sons of Earth (Gk Myth.)
Ernest O. Lawrence; discoverer
Greek for 'color'
Greek for 'inactive'
Enrico Fermi; discoverer
Greek for 'stranger/foreign'
English word 'Soda'
Thule, older name for Scandinavia
Latin for 'magnet'
Discoverer's 'Fatherland'
Discoverer's country; borders Andorra
Greek for 'the moon'
Latin for 'ray'
Greek for 'beam/ray'
Greek for 'artificial'
Daughter of Tantalum (Gk. myth.)
Darmstadt, Germany
Greek god of the sun
Creator of the 'Theory of Relativity'
Creator of the first periodic table
Ceres; asteroid after roman godess-plants
Cadmus; a prince in Gk. myth
Greek for 'new twin'
Greek for 'difficult to reach'
Greek for 'first'
Zargun; Persian for 'gold-like'
yttERBy, SwedenLatin name for Paris
Greek for 'greenish yellow'
Greek for 'green twin'
Greek for 'first', and Actinium
ytTERBy, Sweden
The bright indigo line in its spectrum
The 'dwarf planet' in our solar system
The 'father of nuclear physics'
Greek for 'not alone'
The inventor of Dynamite
The mineral 'gadolinite'
The mineral 'samarskite'
Latin for 'Stockholm', Sweden
Latin for the German state 'Hessen'
Latin for 'lime'
Strontian, Scotland
Swedish for 'heavy stone'
Teutonic for 'yellow'
Thallos; Greek for 'green twig'
The 7th planet
The 8th planet
The 'New World'
Wilhelm Conrad RÃķentgen; discoverer
Greek for 'new'
Ytterby, Sweden
YTTeRby, Sweden
Greek for 'saltpetre forming'
Latin for 'The River Rhine'
Latin name for Paris
Latin word 'Cuprum'
Radium; found observing decay chain
Greek for 'unstable'
Sanskrit 'sulvere'
Scandinavian god of war
Scandinavian goddess
Silex; Latin for 'flint'
'Siolfur' (Anglo-Saxon name)
Spainsh for 'little silver'
Latin/French for 'flow'
Lise Meitner; discoverer
Lithos; Greek for 'stone'
Magnesia; dist. in Thessaly, Greece
Molybdos; Greek for 'lead'
Msngr. of the gods; (Roman myth.)
Mythological bestower of fire to man
Niels Bohr; discoverer
Old name for Copenhagen
'Old Nick' in German
Latin for 1-1-8
Latin for 1-1-5
Latin for 1-1-4
Latin for 1-1-7
Latin for 1-1-6
Latin for 1-1-3
Latin for 1-1-2
Pierre and Marie Curie; discoverers
Latin for 'sky blue'
Greek for 'water forming'
Greek for 'yellow orpiment'
Greek goddess of the rainbow
Inst. of Nuc. Rsrch. @ Dubna, Russia
Greek for 'violet'
King of primordial world; Gk. myth.
Kobald; German for 'goblin'
Lanthaneia; Greek for 'to lie hidden'
Latin for 'alum'
Latin for 'charcoal'
Pallas; Asteroid named 4 Gk goddess wisdom
Latin for 'deepest red'
Greek for 'light bearing'
Latin for 'earth'
Latin for 'Russia'
Greek for 'hidden'

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