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Refers to the pronuncation of words
An old word or phrase no longer in general spoken or written use
Verbs that are placed in front of main verbs
When words are combined to form a shortened word
Words or phrases that are deemed offensive
'Collateral Damage', 'Ethnic Cleansing', are examples of?
The proceses by which words increasingly acquire negative meanings
What is meant by technical language or highly field-specific vocabulary
The prescriptive “Short Introduction to English Grammar' in 1762 was written by?
What invention aided the distribution and production of works of writing?
The meaning of a word widens is called?
What term means, a sequence of words which form a new unit of meaning?
What term is given to the process by which a word loses it's original force
Word class changes are called?
From Nahuatl (Aztecan) ahuaca-molli, from ahuacatl + molli is the etymology for what popular green sauce?

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