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Actor who plays Simon
Actor Who play Will
Actor who plays Jay
Actor who plays Neil
School that the lads attend
Name of Bully Teacher
Nickname is Big Jugs
Colour of Simons Car
What is missing from Neils' Car??
Name of Wills Mum
Where is Simon moving to in the last episode?
Who does Simon have a huge crush on?
But she has a boyfriend called?
Who plays what sport??
What did Will order in episode 1 in order to get served
Who is obsesses with food?
Who does Neil win a date with on blind date?
Wher does Neil work?
What does he dress up as when working?
Where do the lads go in the last episode
And they ate raw_________?
What board game did they play?
Which character did Jay be when playing this board game?
Because it reminded him of_______?
Simons girlfriend in series 3
she takes him and everyone else to ______ university
Simons car sticker say'____ If you want a ****
The film will be set in???

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